Research and Development

UniMet LLC is a professional team of experts with extensive experience of international projects, related to the development and implementation of innovative technologies for the metallurgy industry. Our scientific base contains SFU research projects and our own developments as complete engineering solutions, including approved on the world market.

We are focused on creating world-class products under the requirements of largest leading manufacturers of aluminum and alloys.

In our work we use the most advanced design and process analysis tools, which occurs at customer installations with our equipment in order to ensure maximum effectiveness of our solutions in all major criteria:

  • Energy efficiency
  • Mass and overall characteristics
  • Technological efficiency of the process
  • Process handling
  • Environmentally friendly equipment
  • Compliance with international standards
  • Quick return of investments

We provide complete project administration and support along the whole product lifecycle for our customers. Our customers can always understand how the equipment works, what the hidden opportunities of technology are and how to most effectively use it. We always ready to help our customers during whole cycle of the operation of the equipment, for example, in cases of redeployment to another place, the need for significant changes in the technological processes.

Our design work includes the use of mathematical modeling for analysis of thermal, electromagnetic, hydraulic and gas dynamic processes and strength analysis of structures. This is done in order to discover all the capabilities of the technology, visualize it to our customers, as well as to eliminate any risks and get the best technical solution. For the mathematical analysis of the processes we use Ansys Multiphysics, CFX, Procast, and have highly skilled professionals with an excellent scientific base.

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Technical Support

For our customers we provide complete project administration and support along the whole product lifecycle and we always ready to assist during the operation of the equipment. 

Also we provide consulting services in regards to adjustment of our equipment for productivity increase with the help of our equipment. We provide mathematical calculation services for equipment performance increase. Besides, we work in the sphere of ordered innovation for new technologies development under our customers individual requirements.

After Sales Service

For our customers we organize our technical specialists equipage for maintenance and repair oа the equipment. We also train our customers’ specialists of MHD equipment operation.