UniMet team has many years’ experience of MHD stirrers development successfully working in different countries. Today we are glad to introduce our new product line of energy efficient stirrers (inductors) for furnaces that provide our customers with best characteristics compared to the current analogues and allow reducing capital and operational expenses.

Why our inductors are the best?

  • When we design our inductors we maximize the use of each kilogram of copper and steel for the inductor to create maximal electromagnetic field and melt stirring effect. We are based on the results of detailed 3D calculations of electromagnetic fields, MHD fluxes with heat and mass transfer effect thus creating the demanded influence without any extra kW of energy consumed. Sometimes in most difficult cases we additionally check the inductor effect on the scaled physical model of the furnace with Gallium used instead of aluminium.
  • Our team includes scientists and designers with great experience of metallurgical equipment development work. Due to this we always have many ideas of the most effective equipment place of installation, furnace design or manufacturing process change in order to maximize the effectiveness of the MHD flows in the melt.
  • Our inductors are equipped with standard and low cost 3-phase frequency converters like Allen Bradley, Delta Electronics or other.
  • We use air cooling by means of standard fans of medium pressure. It means that our customers do not have any problems that are caused by water cooling. Our inductors do not require constant maintenance along the whole life time of equipment (10 ~ 15 years).
  • The simplicity of the design makes our inductors easy to assemble, transport, install and service thus reducing the total price. At that the inner parts of inductors are designed in such a way to provide the smallest sizes possible.
  • We are always ready to change the inductors in accordance with the customers’ demands, make them longer, wider, shorter, and more powerful for the customer to get the demanded decision and not the “average” solution proposed by market. Redesign takes one week only.

Besides low operational costs due to energy consumption our stirrers require relatively low capital costs for furnace modernization due to they are mounted directly to the bottom of the furnace with a specially designed fixing frame. This gives you an opportunity to avoid purchasing of complicated hydraulic scissor lift and rail track organization. Maintenance of the stirrer is done once per 3 years and can be done with a help of standard lifting trolley. Such type of mounting together with light weight allows you to stir metal during casting process even at tilting furnace without affecting the hydraulic system of the furnace. It is especially important for complex alloys manufacturing (i.e. with high content of Zn, etc.).