The final product of all smelters worldwide are ingots of rectangular and circular shape.

In the process of casting metal in the casting machine or mold casting belt there is a need to maintain constant supply of liquid metal , as well as the flexibility to adjust its supply to ensure stable casting conditions , it is necessary to obtain an ingot and billets with the same structure at the beginning and end of the metal casting from the furnace. This is especially true for large ingots, where requirements for the ingot high. To fulfill the requirements of flexibility to adjust the supply of liquid melt is proposed to use the MHD notch asking not only the function of a full locking and control the feed rate of the melt in a contactless manner , but also the function of the MHD pump for pumping and further transport melt through troughs . A distinctive feature of the proposed equipment is to minimize capital costs prior to installation on existing foundry equipment, small size , low operating costs and easy maintenance.

The developed equipment provides flexible and precise metal flow control to casting machine from a stationary furnace along with the pumping of metal to another furnace at a higher level. This technology provides the following advantages to our customers: easiness of installation and operation, low energy consumption (~ 10 kW), air cooling and expenses reduction by means of existing equipment modernization instead of purchasing new tilting furnace.