During the process of alloys preparation especially with the usage of multicomponent master alloys there is a necessity of heat and mass transfer improvement in the melt to uniform the temperature and chemical composition along the whole melt volume. This is especially needed at the beginning of melting process due to the process of cold scrap melting in the working area could be improved by the hot liquid metal flow. This can be achieved by means of electromagnetic stirring (MHD) technology implementation.

But the standard MHD stirrer can not provide the effective stirring at certain conditions, for example with low metal level in the beginning of melting process or in the end of casting cycle.

This disadvantage is solved by unique technology developed by UniMet LLC: LDMS – Low Depth Metal Stirrer.

LDMS advantages

  • metal loss reduction up to 30%*
  • energy consumption decreased up to 15%
  • furnace productivity increased up to 25%*
  • very effective chemical and temperature homogeneity
  • no water cooled parts
  • low operational and capital costs
  • low maintenance costs
  • long life-time
  • extended warranty period

*depend upon furnace form and size

Economical benefits
Based on the operational data of typical 30 ton stationary gas fired melting furnace the usage of LDMS technology allows to achieve the following economical results:

 Economical effectTotal USD/year
1 Reduced metal loss $390 000
2 Energy consumption reduction $71 470
3 Capasity increase profit $339 000


Презентация LDMS

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